The calculation of the French mortgage: installments and interest rates

The calculation of the French mortgage gives the consumer a loan repayment plan in constant installments, guaranteeing stability and security in payments. The loan consists of a financial commitment that should not be underestimated: it is certainly a fundamental loan to be able to buy or renovate a property, but it also offers the debtor a particularly long repayment period. The value of the installments may depend on several factors: from the loan amount to the cadence of payments (usually monthly) up to the characteristics of the loan itself.

The method of calculating the installment of the chosen loan also greatly affects

The calculation of the French repayment schedule is a particular formula for counting the composition of each installment. The installment used to repay the loan periodically is in fact normally composed of a principal and an interest share. The first is the part of the loan received that is returned with that payment, while the interest portion includes the interest that is paid on that occasion. This composition varies according to the chosen calculation method.

The calculation of the French repayment schedule requires that the installment amount always remain the same for the duration of the repayment period.

For this reason, we speak of amortization in constant installments

This result is achieved through a careful balance between the share of capital and interest. The first installments will contain a very significant interest rate, because they are calculated on a residual amount to be repaid very large. On the contrary, the principal amount will be reduced. To maintain that value for all the installments, the interest rate gradually decreases as the residual capital decreases, while the capital share tends to rise. In this way, the consumer knows from the beginning that the amount of the installment will be one and only one.

At this point, one might ask how the French variable rate mortgage payment can work, given that by definition this rate varies following the trend of some reference indices. How to keep the installment amount established in the contract constant, despite fluctuations in interest? This result is achieved by changing the duration of the loan and the number of installments to be paid: if therefore the rate decreases, reducing the interest rate, the number of installments will also decrease, so that in each payment the principal amount rises and guarantees a constant value. .

How to move a mortgage loan? Subsidiary, portability and replacement

How to move the mortgage to save on interest and pay lighter installments? The solution is the loan subrogation operation, one of the innovations introduced in the credit sector by the decree, then converted into law in 2007 (law n. 40/2007). This legislative act has proposed numerous innovations in the field of financing, including many concerning the management of mortgages. In addition to the subrogation, in fact, the decree also intervenes on another aspect, the early repayment of the loan for the purchase of the property. for a critique

The subrogation of the loan is an operation that allows the portability of the loan

Rather its transfer from one bank to another, which may offer more advantageous conditions. When a customer has signed a loan with a particular credit institution, he undertakes to recognize certain conditions for the bank, such as a fixed or variable interest rate established by contract. Given that the duration of such a loan can also be very long, in the meantime the financial conditions of the borrower or those of the markets could change, making the loan agreed at the timeless convenient. This happens in particular when a variable rate mortgage is chosen and the reference rates increase over time, increasing the cost of the loan.

If you find a bank that offers better conditions, today with the subrogation it is possible to transfer the mortgage to this institution, with some discounts: first of all, the movie does not include the extinction of the mortgage on the building and the signing of a new guarantee, thus avoiding the costs of this bureaucratic practice. Furthermore, the new bank will bear any costs for the borrower. The only expense that remains to be paid is 35 euros for the subrogation registration fee in the property registers (registration tax). Another feature of the subrogation is that the residual debt to be repaid remains unchanged.

To know how to move a mortgage it is also possible to inquire about replacing the loan

Even in this case, you can turn to another bank that offers better conditions, but, unlike the subrogation, the replacement involves the extinction of the loan in the course and the signing of a new loan with the new bank. This step, in addition to the burden of having to pay the remaining debt, however, also provides higher notary costs, because it is necessary to carry out various contractual steps.

The Formula to Settle a Debt | Debt Consolidation

The problem of debt is to overcome the capacity of indebtedness, that is, to ask for more than what could be solved. To avoid paying more interest than what was borrowed, Tanya Watchsea, a writer specializing in personal finance and founder of, shares an effective three-step strategy to settle debts.

Organize debts, know the capital

Organize debts, know the capital

The idea of ​​organizing debts is to know the total amount owed, the interests of each, the level of importance they have, but above all determine which is the least amount.

Additionally, it is important to know what the net income is, discounting the daily expenses, in order to determine what is the actual monthly amount to be used to pay the debts.

Start paying the smallest debt

Start paying the smallest debt

Once the debts are organized, with a little effort the smallest one is liquidated, so that the money that is free after paying it goes to the second one, and thus until managing to finish with all the debts reducing the levels of interest.

Generally it is thought that the ideal is to end the debt of greater interest, but in reality it is necessary to go little by little to have small profits on the way, since eliminating the smallest is a great advance.

Do not acquire a debt to pay another

Do not acquire a debt to pay another

Sometimes delays and high interest pressure to apply for a loan and solve a debt, or what many banks do is invite you to move the balances of other accounts in one. It is important to read the contracts well and know what is most convenient, since it is not always a good practice.

In this sense, the general recommendation is not to dig a hole to cover another hole. We must understand that credit only serves to grow when it is financially stable; Credit is not a bridge to get from one payment to another and is not an opportunity to plug financial holes. A credit is rather a lever.

Making Personal Loans is a Good Idea

Making a personal loan can be an excellent option in a huge variety of situations and circumstances where it demands the use of financial resources. First, let’s define what a personal loan is. Some personal loans are meant for a specific purchase or simply the release of funds for if used without purpose.

That is, in some types of personal loan you can buy a home (mortgage loan) with the mortgage mortgage, you can also buy a car with a (auto loan) and if you want to pay for college, it is possible to use a student loan.

But a personal loan can be used for just about anything. Some lenders want to know what you are going to do with the money you borrow, but note, as long as you have borrowed money without legal purpose, you can do whatever you want with it.

But what does it mean? Let’s understand, with a real estate mortgage, your home is the collateral to get the loan. Similarly, with a car refinance, the car you refinance is the collateral. Do whatever you want with the money.

Because a personal loan often does not need collateral – it’s calling it “unsecured” – obviously the interest rate is likely to be much higher. But, there is also secured personal loan if you wish to lower your interest costs.

Here are five circumstances where a personal loan might be a good idea.

Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Consolidate Credit Card Debt

If you have one or more credit cards charged at maximum interest, you can get a personal loan to consolidate all invoices into a single monthly payment.

This action makes this scenario of lowering interest rates even more attractive: the interest rate on the loan may be considerably lower (6% to 8% per month) than your credit card rates (average 12% to 16% month).

Refinance Student Loans

Refinance Student Loans

Student refinancing loans can provide some financial relief. Your student loan interest rate can be 6.8% or more, depending on the type of loan you have.

But you can get a personal loan with a lower interest rate that allows you to pay your loan (s) faster.

Here are the problems: Student loans come with tax advantages. In addition, if lawmakers offer any future loan forgiveness programs in addition to the existing ones now, their refinanced student loans would not be eligible.

If you use a personal loan to pay for all or part of a student loan, you will lose the ability to deduct your interest payments (when you file your income taxes) along with the benefits that come with some loans, such as tolerance and postponement.

And if your balance is sizeable, a personal loan will probably not cover you in any way.

Financing a purchase of goods or services

Financing a purchase of goods or services

Financing a buyer will depend a lot on what your need or your goal is. If you are wanting to take out a loan to buy some any durable, mobile or service, getting a personal loan serves well to pay the seller in cash or to carry out a finance through banks, financial or credit company.

Never make a local funding decision without first researching. Ask the seller a special offer and compare what you could get through a personal loan at your preferred lender. Once you’ve done that you can decide which is the most complete and inexpensive choice.

Financing a Wedding Party

Financing a Wedding Party

Either we hold a big event in our life as a wedding – it’s a fact that you’ll end up putting all your resources and strengths in order for everything to work out, use credit cards, credit limits on the no-power check will not be casual.

For this, a pre-approved personal loan or a payroll loan or a consumer finance for this large expense can save you a considerable amount of interest rates as long as the interest rate is lower than that of your credit card – any type of loan is valid.

Improve your score and credit score

Improve your score and credit score

A personal loan can help in increasing your credit score in two ways. First, if your credit report mainly shows debt from many credit cards, a personal loan can help in “combining debts or consolidating debts.” Having different types of loans can generally favor your score.

Secondly, you can lower your credit utilization rate which is the total amount of credit you are using in your credit limit.

The lower the value of the use of your total credit, the better your credit score will be. Making a personal loan to pay off the card’s debts will increase the total amount you have available to use on the card.


The personal loan in general are very useful, cater to the various suitable or unexpected circumstances. For example, most people can not pay cash to buy a home, but by making a mortgage loan, that need is met with success.

However, make sure you consult a reliable and secure financial institution to make your personal loan applications.

Choose Loans for Companies Without Certificates and Save Time!

In the past, applying for a company loan was a very long and intricate procedure. Banks approached business customers with reserve, which meant that the list of requirements was very long. Today, loans for companies are already available much easier – also without certificates.

One of the most time-consuming elements in the process of applying for a loan is collecting documentation. Institutions often require submitting registration documents, documents from banks, accounting documents, as well as documents issued by the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution on non-payment with repayment. Getting all this documentation can take us a few days in an optimistic scenario. This is how long our waiting time for a loan will be extended. But what to do when the money is needed right away?

In this case, it is best to look for loans for companies without certification – then we will not have to provide any documents. Basically, all you need is your ID card and the loan application – everything can be done in a few minutes!

company loan without certificates – where can we get it?

company loan without certificates - where can we get it?

Loans of this kind are currently offered by banks as well as by non-bank companies. However, certain restrictions appear.

Bank loans without certificates are available for both new and permanent customers. Long-term companies that have an account in a given bank for a longer period of time, can apply for loans even via the Internet – just a few clicks to receive funds at their disposal. The bank may offer even a higher sum because it calculates the client’s creditworthiness based on the operations on his account. New entrepreneurs who are just starting their business can also count on loans for companies without certificates, but only for smaller amounts – usually up to around PLN 10,000 – 30,000.

Of course, banks accurately screen customers in virtually all debtors’ databases. Problems in paying off debts even a few years ago may miss the chance of getting a bank loan for the company.

In turn, loan companies offer loans to companies without certification on more attractive terms – also via the Internet. Almost all companies that need quick financial support can apply for it. The main conditions for obtaining a loan are to have a current ID card, a permanent registered address in the country and to correctly complete the application.

Apply for a loan without Abseloan certificates!

Apply for a loan without Aasa Dla Biznesu certificates!

Our installment loan at Abseloan is also a loan for companies without certification – it is available on-line. We do not require any documents, such as registration, accounting or banking documents. In addition, our clients do not need to have any collateral or security to get a loan.

When you also need additional financing for your company, you can submit an application on our website even at this moment – all you have to do is to select the loan sum and its period, and then follow the instructions on the website. We invite you to take advantage of our offer in Abseloan!

Loan without CPF consultation: Where? As? Who can do it?

In a few simple steps you can compare your personal loan online without having to consult the CPF, Serasa or any other credit institution..

” Unsecured loan is one of the best opportunities for people who are enrolled in the Serasa, SPC and Boa Vista negatives report to obtain cash credit.” Normally the conventional credit market restricts access to the money financed for this customer profile.

Who needs money, needs credit and personal loan, or a viable alternative to obtain amounts for any particular or specific need. The web is a fantastic ally to aid in this quest.

In fact, it can be a tragedy for those who are in need of a fast loan, have been involved with financial commitments, have accumulated outstanding debts, or are negative, then the scenario is quite different.

For people with problems related to the history and credit report, it is not enough just to know alternatives that made possible the request of new resources and monetary funds, they even need one or more modalities that allow the request of the loan to guarantee the approval without ie, request and get a loan without consultation at the CPF fast, easy and without bureaucracy.

Are your name and CPF included in credit protection agencies?

Are your name and CPF included in credit protection agencies?

And now!? Currently one of three people is in default, with debts of credit or with arrears. This reason usually takes the name and the CPF of a citizen to be included by the lender or will automatically appear as a debtor in the credit protection agencies (SPC, Serasa and others).

It is not enough simply to know where to get a loan without consulting the CPF, you also have to be careful with finances so as not to worsen even more the individual or family financial health when acquiring more debt.

Because of this this article has been written to help the lay user or a future ” loan taker ” who is in search of uncomplicated money but does not know where to find reliable loan companies, secured websites and online lenders to make your new or first loan without consultation, online or at neighborhood credit stores.


Have patience ! Read the entire article, you will acquire a lot of knowledge and open your mind to new alternatives and possibilities to improve your current financial condition.

– We can not say that the ” loan without consultation to the CPF ” is one of the best alternatives, if we do we would be frivolous, and that is not our intention.

However, we can demonstrate that there is not only the personal bank and financial loan that does not use the consultation as an approval factor. I knew that you have other categories of credit that may well be hired without causing embarrassment.

If you are ” negative, ” you have the ” dirty name “, we will list many options that offer special conditions, as well as cheaper rates for you to ” get your personal loan free of the famous consultation with Serasa and SPC.”

We spend a lot of time researching relevant information and comparing options so that you have the chance to have the best personal loan with flexible terms and optimal conditions, plus the speed of pre-approval, approval and release of money into your account.

What is personal loan without consulting the CPF in Serasa?

What is personal loan without consulting the CPF in Serasa?

You should have seen everything on the internet, but if you are looking for options to apply for a personal loan without consultation, you are in the right place, especially if you are confused and not knowing what to do with so much contradictory information and stuffing sausage that we see in web in ten of sites and blogs without notion.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest dilemmas of unsecured loan or loan to negative, especially if you are trying to approve one or more requests.

I can not forget to remind you that the chances are now much higher of getting this type of loan, the new crop of online banks and financial (the famous Fintechs and Techfins) are much more affordable and have means of granting your application based not just on your report, history, score or score – that’s for sure !!!

– When requesting your loan without consulting a website, platform or correspondent on the internet, your data and information are treated and analyzed with artificial intelligence increasing your chances of getting the requested amount much more.

There are many types of companies and financial institutions that provide services and products for those who are negative, loans are targeted especially to those who are looking for loan having restriction.

Explore each of the different lenders listed below, among them we include:

  • Public banks and private banks
  • Federations and Credit Unions
  • Financial institutions and credit institutions
  • Collective funding sites
  • Bank and non-bank correspondents
  • Non-Government Orgs and Utilities
  • Loan and credit companies, marketplaces, online platforms and others
  • Private lenders, agents and moneylenders

Alternatives to Make Loans Without Quick and Easy Consultation

Alternatives to Make Loans Without Quick and Easy Consultation

There are many modalities for negatives. Financial institutions are more cautious about releasing a loan for someone with the dirty name and end up making it difficult to approve personal credit. However, there are other restricted credit options on the market.

Currently, many forms are available, but three types of credit to the negatives are the easiest to obtain, they are:

  1. Loan with restriction
  2. Payroll-deductible loan
  3. Refinancing of property and vehicle
  4. Paid Cash for Restricted Persons

Below we describe 10 ways to get loan without consultation for those who are restricted or negatived :

1. Personal bank loan without bureaucracy

Unsecured loan, loan without consultation, loan with bad credit or credit with restriction, this modality has several names but in the end it’s all the same. In Brazil there are many companies, Fintechs, Correspondentes e Financeiras online that grant without any bureaucracy the loan for those with the name related to debtor.

2. Payroll loans without consulting credit institutions

When we mention any mention about loan without consulting the CPF, the payroll loan is without a doubt the best of them all. The ” consigned loan does not make credit consultation “. A small problem with this line of credit is that it can only be requested by those who are related to the consumer profile, if you are not inserted, you can not contract.

Who can apply for payroll? Currently, only those who receive a pension or pension from the INSS, civil servants, military members of the armed forces and salaried employees of private companies can apply online or accredited financial institutions.

3. Without consultation CPF: Make a loan with property guarantee

In the Home Equity loan that is currently in demand, it is especially offered by Creditas, which maintains the leadership in the realm of Fintechs in this segment.

In secured lending it is possible to have no consultation, but the applicant necessarily needs to give a property as a guarantor of the credit, this is without a doubt a good alternative to get money if you do not mind taking risks.

4. Without CPF Consultation: Make a loan with guarantee in the vehicle

It is no secret to anyone that if you get a car taken away, it can be sold or refinanced. For those of you who want a bigger amount of money and have a vehicle, doing a refinance of the vehicle is great choice ie the lender gets the automobile but he only pays part of the cash cash value, and you pay in installments in up to 36 months.

In this mode, the borrower has access to much lower interest rates than the personal bank loan. For those who want a loan without consultation, in this condition the interest is only 1.49% per month.

5. Cashier’s Pledge also does not query your name

Fortunately, you do not have a credit check in the Pawn of the Box..

The pledge is a credit alternative that the name is not consulted, however the loan money is released on time. In Pledge, the guarantee to get the expected money is:

  • Jewelry of value
  • Gold watch or parts
  • Ring of precious stones
  • Objects that have monetary value

The Pledge is offered especially by Caixa Econômica Federal. The analysis of the good to stipulate the value is done directly in some agencies of the bank. As for the interest rate, on the loan with Pledge, it is low which pays off the risk if you want to use your as well as collateral.

If you want to pawn in private stores, it is also a valid option, however, with some risks.

6. Microcredit without consultation good for business

Microcredit is usually a program that grants small-value personal loans to formal and informal microentrepreneurs. Access to the credit line is done by the public financial system. organizations, associations and also private banks.

This modality does not require collateral, but requires the borrower to use it to make investments in their own business.

In general, microcredit is sponsored by the federal, state, or municipal government to help with local growth, development, and support for small entrepreneur production – if that is the case, seek more information from government websites.

7. Loans between people without consultation: P2P

Loan peer to peer : In recent years many platforms have emerged Peer to Peer Lending. They are lenders who are more willing to consider requests from people who have credit restrictions or with low credit scores, meaning they are having bad credit.

By not doing the traditional consultation in the CPF, it ends up becoming a loan with slightly higher rates, even so, apply cheaper rates than the overdraft or loan on the credit card (withdraw). Learn more about how the Peer-to-Peer loan works by clicking here.

8. CrowdFunding releases even with dirty name and bad credit

Crowdfunding Loan : The collective loans made through crowdfunding are modifying the way to get money in Brazil. In this system for raising funds, it does not matter if the name of the applicant is dirty or negative, so it is great for people who need money but who are in these conditions – access is free to all.

Just like Peer-to-Peer is an excellent alternative to take out personal loan without having the name consulted. You can know all about crowdfunding by accessing – collective financing.

9. Do not the loan seekers register for loans?

Not! Moneylenders are private lenders, they charge extremely high interest on loans made to ordinary people who are momentarily unable to borrow from legal means such as banks and finance.

It is worth mentioning that a loan shark behaves just like the sharks that are always ready to attack when they smell their victim. Moneylenders are predatory lenders who are looking for people who can not pay their bills but need money and do not want the lender to see your name to clear the loan.

10. Unsecured loan made with credit card

Credit cards : Conventional cards can be used for shopping and also for money, those who have a card can use the pre-approved limit to withdraw money in the form of a credit card, the discounts of the installments are made directly on the invoice of the month.

Generally the amounts are already approved for immediate cash withdrawal (at the time) in any ATM, however, they are less than R $ 1,500, the high rates, and there are still additional costs applied to the principal amount.

Loan without CPF consultation at Serasa / SPC Brazil / SCPC

Loan without CPF consultation at Serasa / SPC Brazil / SCPC

Loans are loans, what differs them are the people who qualify to get them and the specific lines of credit for which they were created.

Unsecured personal loan is an example. They refer to a type of credit that funds interest money for an applicant who is listed with a debtor and has defaulted debts in the system of the three largest credit agents in Brazil.

In recent times many citizens have stopped in this report from Serasa and SPC for failing to meet their financial commitments. Both for some reason adverse and private, as for not paying the bills, credit debts, financing or consumer accounts such as mobile phone bills, electricity, a service or product financed in the card or ticket etc.

Anyway, to be on the list as negative and restricted in name, there are hundreds of reasons.

By the way, our users, in the majority of cases, ask for a negative loan because they have the advantage of not consulting the restrictions on the name, and in most cases, they get the money without finding much bureaucracy or hindrance

To get a loan without consultation, you necessarily have to find a financial institution, bank, credit union or alternative company that:

  1. Does not make the credit query in Serasa, SPC and SCPC
  2. Grant a personal loan without any bureaucracy
  3. Do not mind negative entries in your credit history
  4. Provide personal loan with or without collateral
  5. Who approves the loan from anywhere in Brazil
  6. You do not need faxed or mail
  7. Do not request cash or advance fees to release the loan
  8. Offering several different lenders and arrangements without consultation

Loan without online consultation simple to hire?

Loan without online consultation simple to hire?

If you are running out of time, have a tight deadline to get an amount for your need, a personal loan without online short term consultation is the best option. Registration is done on time and approval of the loan occurs within a few minutes and if there are corrections up to one hour.

Although the odds are limited, you can receive your loan without consultation within a few hours, at the latest on the same day.

Tip : Do not be deceived that all online lenders have the same system, each of which has its own release methods and are subject to change, so this timeframe is not for all creditors, only some of them.

And, once approved? You will receive the funds directly into your bank account on the same or next business day. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the loan without online consultation or ask the lender if something is unclear before completing the application.

The process is simple. Once you submit your details, you receive an offer from one of our reliable and secured lenders sent directly by them. Our tip is.., whenever you borrow money online, ask only for what you can afford. Do not forget to check your needs before applying for your new personal loan.

How does the loan work without making inquiries?

How does the loan work without making inquiries?

Non-CPF loans are not unlike most of the other modalities available for solicitation.

You access the lender (bank, financial or cooperative), make an application informing your data, ask for the money you need and the lender will return with an approval or refusal of your request.

If approved, the amount will be increased by interest, taxes and additional fees for a term that you will choose and will be included in the agreement that will be signed upon confirmation.

Even people who are denied and with dirty name, have rights, be sure to compare in several lenders who offer loan without consultation to find the best offer in this segment.

Do all personal loans consult the CPF?

Do all personal loans consult the CPF?

Not all! Only the personal loan offered to those who have restrictions do not. In this case the credit risk is higher, and this causes the loan to be compensated with a much higher interest rate.

Currently interest starts with 15% per month with a term of up to 12 months to pay!

Some types of personal loans have no consultation and do not evaluate the CPF as already mentioned in the above paragraphs and this includes:

  • Negative credit
  • Credit without consultation
  • Credit with restriction
  • Credit with dirty name
  • Personal loan with property guarantee
  • Credit with cash advance etc…

All those listed above can be compared to the payroll that does not require consulting the credit report to release the requested amount. The biggest difference between them is the payments of the installments that are made with boleto bancário or directly debited in the bank account of the applicant.

How long does it take to deposit the loan money?

How long does it take to deposit the loan money?

It depends on the funder and the information sent on the website or application!

Usually the money is released for account deposit within hours after approval, this period can range from 1 hour to 24 hours. But it has an important detail, if you apply between Monday and Friday in the morning and before 2:00 pm, you can have the money deposited the same day.

If you make the request after 3:00 pm, your money is free to use only the next day before noon.

Do not forget that banks and financiers do not work for the weekend, so if you carry out the holiday, Saturday or Sunday procedures, calmly wait the next business day, do not be rushed!

Documents to request any kind of personal loan

Documents to request any kind of personal loan

The documents are the basics, the first impression is that you necessarily need to present your credentials that identify you as a legitimate citizen. These documents may be:

– RG or CNH, to prove identity and age
– CPF, must be valid, that is, be in good standing
– Proof of salary or recurring income
– Extract or access to your bank account for analysis
– Self and signing the online agreement

Just it! That simple. If you meet these requirements, the money you need will be in your account as long as you respect the return period that best suits your circumstances.

There may be the request for extra presentation of the most up-to-date proof of residence as a water, electricity, gas or telephone bill. This is critical to completing the address confirmation contained in the external database confirmation record.

What happens if you do not pay the installments of a loan?

I think you already know the answer.. Anyway when signing the loan agreement, the borrower agrees to complete all payments within the chosen time frame and is subject to all clauses described as terms and conditions.

If, for any reason, installments are not paid within the agreed time and maturity, the creditor may initiate the applicable measures within the law that are described in the terms, and this can be from registration to credit agencies to take all necessary legal measures, and make the charges regulated, in addition to sending the title of collection to the notary offices.

Depending on the type of loan the policy can be more rigid and have harsher penalties with the beginning of the process of taking the good or order of seizure etc.

Can I apply for a personal loan to pay off another or debt

The truth is that you can take out a loan to pay for another, but, as a general rule, you can not do it for the same lender. If you already have a debt accumulated with it, it does not make sense that you start a second again.

Also, if you are enjoying a loan and you have not repaid it within the set period, you are also breaking the terms and it is easy not to trust you again.

However, you can always try to negotiate a refinance of that loan, so you will increase the value if you meet the solvency requirements that they require.

Advantages of Unsecured Loan in Serasa

Advantages of Unsecured Loan in Serasa

Some of the key benefits of getting a no-credit loan on Serasa and SCP include:

You do not have to worry about your credit report – this may be the best part of getting that kind of personal loan. You do not have to worry about the query that most banks make on the credit report for payment failures and restrictions. Some lenders experts will assess how much it is likely that you will be able to repay the loan on time.

You will get very quick approval – not only are conventional loans harder to obtain, they can take a longer period to get approved. The approval rate of the loans without consultation are on average 60 and 75 percent approval and the release of the money in the account as we have already said is between 1 hour and 24 hours after approval.

You can start improving your credit – One of the reasons you may have difficulty getting a loan at traditional banks and financials is your score and score, plus the negative name. But an unsecured loan will give you a unique opportunity to start over by paying off the debts on your credit report.

You can borrow large amounts of money – Another advantage of getting unsecured loans is that you get a greater amount of money with short, medium and long term payments. But you need to remember that, the various deadlines in each type of loan.

  • Credit for negatives – up to 12 months
  • Payroll deductible loans – up to 96 months
  • Asset-backed credit – 12 to 180 months
  • Loan with pawn – up to 60 months

Is it reliable and secure to get a loan without consultation?

Is it reliable and secure to get a loan without consultation?

We at Deirdre have no problem recommending lending companies. As you can see, there are several means of borrowing money even though the CPF is enrolled in the (Serasa, SPC and SCPC) showing the restrictions due to lack of payments.

To refer to a company we make constant evaluations and reviews of banks, credit companies and lending sites of the most reputable and willing institutions to work with those who are interested in credit but who have a negative name or records in the credit history.

You should only remember to keep your expectations within a reality that does not run away from your financial situation and will undoubtedly not receive lower and fair interest rates, with the exception of the payroll loan, but if you can not apply for a loan on consignment on the sheet, the higher rates will be your only option to get the desired amount.

However, do not be afraid to create opportunities, think that not always applying for a loan will be the solution to your problems, understand that there are other ways to reach the money to meet your needs.

Personal Loan in the Savings Bank – Here’s How?

Apobank acts strong in the segment of personal loan, financing, property purchase, construction, automobiles and has the lowest interest ..

“Making a personal loan at Apobank Econômica Federal can bring a number of benefits to consumers. However, in any type of loan, the client undergoes a careful analysis of his financial profile. “

There are some situations where a loan can be a great alternative. An example of this is when you have a number of small debts and turn it into a single expense. Thus a loan can pay off smaller debts and sometimes the interest turns out to be more attractive.

Another point worth mentioning is the payment of debts with a credit card. In this type of operation, it is common for interest on a loan to be lower. On the other hand, credit cards constitute the largest percentage of indebtedness of Brazilians.

So, with very high interest rates, this type of debt usually worries a lot of people. That is why we have prepared this text to explain how a loan works at Apobank Econômica Federal. Continue your reading and see how to request, how to proceed, what documents are needed. Know more!

3 reasons to apply for a personal loan at Apobank

3 reasons to apply for a personal loan at Apobank

1. Reform your home

Whether it is an emergency or a planned retirement it is well known that this type of service tends to be very expensive. Because it is something you can never predict all the developments and there are always extra expenses, a loan can be a solution.

Thus, it is possible for you to renovate your home and pay in installments previously agreed upon and with interest that fits in your pocket. One advantage is that you know that that amount will not increase, which is fixed, meaning you do not risk an abusive increase in interest.

2. Take a trip

Traveling alone, with friends or family is an enriching and happy experience. Lack of money is often a hindrance at the time of the decision. So a loan can help you plan your dream trip with everything you are entitled to.


You can plan and verify in how many parcels you can afford a trip, so you can fulfill your dream of meeting other places, other cultures, other people and resting from the problems of daily life.

3. Investing in education

If it is your dream to take a university course, but you do not have the financial conditions, maybe the exit is a loan. There are modalities directed to students and you can find out which is best suited to your situation.

Types of Personal Credit You Can Apply for at the Cashier

Types of Personal Credit You Can Apply for at the Cashier

CDC Automatic

CDC (link ) This is a type of pre-approved personal credit, that is, you do not have to go through any bureaucratic procedures, nor ask for guarantors, or go after extra documentation. Just make the request in the self-service stations themselves and the money goes into your account. It is possible to pay within 48 months.

CDC Salary

This personal credit is available to those who receive the salary in the box. You can apply at the branches, by the application on your cell phone, or at the ATM. In addition, the amount goes into your account and the installments are debited directly from the account.

Construcard Apobank

The Construcard (link ) is a line of financing for personal credit adjusted for the purchase of construction material in stores accredited by Apobank. When hiring the personal loan, you receive a credit card to be used in up to six months to purchase all the material that is needed for construction.

Anticipation of the 13th salary

You must have an account in the Cashier and have been employed for at least 12 months. The loan limit can vary between 2,000.00 and 20,000.00 reais and the amount requested is analyzed through your payment possibilities.

Anticipation of the return of the Income Tax

In this type of loan you can receive the amount referring to the refund of income tax and pay according to your possibilities. This type of loan can be done directly at Apobank’s branches.

Payroll loans

This is one of the most advantageous loans. Debited directly from their salary or from their INSS benefit, payroll deductible loans are directed to civil servants, INSS beneficiaries and retirees.

The installments must comply with a fixed percentage in relation to the salary and should never exceed the stipulated amount. Thus, you will always know which amounts will be debited from your account on a monthly basis.


This type of loan may not be as advantageous as the others. Interest is usually very high, even though it is much easier to apply for and does not need many bureaucracies. However, money is usually available within 24 hours.

Credit for rural workers

This is a specific credit for those field workers who need credit to perform their work. To get the hiring, just go to an agency of the Apobank, with the documents in hand and place the order.

Credit for the entrepreneur

For you who are starting your business or want to make an increase in them, credit aimed at entrepreneurs may be the best option. Aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs, this type of loan has installments that can be made in as many times as you need.

Salary Portability

Salary portability (link ) exists and it is the right of every citizen to choose which bank or financial institution wants to receive his salary, even if his account is indicated by the employer. In this way, bank account change has become very easy and simple to make, you can request the transfer of your money or salary to the bank you want or your preference.

Advantages and disadvantages of applying for a loan at Apobank

Advantages and disadvantages of applying for a loan at Apobank

One of the advantages is that you have several personal credit options to choose from in the Savings Bank and it is possible to make an analysis on which is best suited to your goals.

There is also more flexibility in the forms of payment, in the amount of months you can borrow to pay off your debt, and the interest rates are lower than in financial. In addition, the personal credit is quickly deposited into the account of the applicant so that it can be used in the best way.

Among the disadvantages is the fact that Apobank’s loan is available only to people who have a bank account. People with the negative name on the SPC / SERASA databases also can not apply for the personal loan.

Depending on the type of personal credit you request, interest can reach up to 4.49% per month. Even though it is relatively lower than other banks, it is important to make a financial planning before any decision.

Applying for a loan at Apobank is a decision that must be made with great care. After all, it is about adding a fixed portion to your monthly budget. In this way, all care is necessary so that you do not end up exchanging one problem for another.

Put everything on the tip of the pen and make your decision consciously. Still have questions about this? So, make sure to visit the other articles in our blog and check all the content we have for you.

How to Live Without Debt and Without Loan

Living without debt and without loan – seriously!

Living without debt and without loan - seriously!

Any financial advisor who has his head in place will declare that he must live up to his standards to be without debt. This seems almost impossible for people living with a low monthly income and has a list of recurring expenses.

However, we want to answer in this article that while having many expenses, it is possible not to borrow money, no matter how much you spend every month within acceptable standards.

Can you save a few thousand reais every month to invest or make a reserve fund for any emergencies or be wondering how to get to the end of the month of the salary money?

From here we will reveal some tips that will help you to live with little money and still save a good buck month to month to a large amount.

1. Create a plan or budget and follow it

1. Create a plan or budget and follow it

One reason it seems impossible to save or survive on a low income is to spend the money on the salary without a spending control plan. Every item purchased in the market or store seems to be a basic necessity when you do not have a plan. Create a budget and separate a specific amount of money for each item.

Start with the basic items like:

  • Housing
  • food
  • Transport
  • Clothing
  • Utility accounts

Separate a value for each item, if prices or rates change within the month, adjust your budget every month according to the updated rates. Discipline yourself in spending your income based on the budget, especially if your income stays the same for long without increase.

2. Assess housing costs

2. Assess housing costs

Many families spend a high percentage of their income on housing costs. Be realistic about your financial situation, if need be, look for a home that you can afford quietly. Do not be embarrassed to move to a cheaper neighborhood or a smaller home if you are having to borrow money every month to keep up with your other expenses.

Of course, moving to a cheaper home may not be an option if you are in a real estate mortgage or a mortgage. However, you can refinance based on your current income. Refinancing can help you save some money if you do it right.

Attention! Your living expenses should not exceed 25% of your net income.

3. Avoid credit cards

3. Avoid credit cards

Credit cards can be good friends or excellent foes! Using a card can become addictive if you do not have the financial discipline to use it. You can easily spend more than you earn on your income or earnings. If you are trying to get through the month without debt, avoid credit cards at all costs.

I know you do not want to accumulate debts and mismatch your credit history and report. Discipline yourself in paying for each product in cash. Not only will you limit your spending to your budget, but you will also avoid paying additional interest rates and additional fees charged on the cards if you delay the payment or settle only part of the invoice.

4. Reduce your expenses

4. Reduce your expenses

Create a control plan for your finances that helps you keep track of all expenses. Evaluate each product or service included in your budget and look for ways to save money. For example:

  • You can reduce your food expenses
  • You can reduce your transportation costs
  • You do not need a cable or landline phone when you’re on a tight budget.
  • You can not spend half of your income on clothes, electronics, travel and parties.

Tip : Make a budget for your social life and entertainment and try to stick to it.

5. Buy with discount coupons

5. Buy with discount coupons

Use discount coupons to buy groceries, medicines, household items, etc. You can save hundreds of dollars every month if you know where to find coupons. Some stores double their coupons when you make frequent purchases, while others give points that you can redeem by product.

Consider buying products for sale, especially on holidays. Many stores offer huge discounts on various items in a festive season for example. If you do not have the full amount, save the money for several months and then buy the product with money.

6. Buy Second Hand Items

6. Buy Second Hand Items

You can save thousands of dollars every year by buying used items. Look for second hand products that works just as well as a new one, search OLX or the Free Market . Sometimes people sell items before using them just because they did not like them.

Instead of buying a new car, look for a semi-new or used car of the same make and model. You can also buy used furniture and electronics to improve your home, instead of spending all your money on new items.

If you want to refresh them later, if you need to, as your income increases.

7. Save money for emergency

7. Save money for emergency

Many people use their credit cards and the bank’s special check limit as a sort of emergency reserve – if there is an unexpected expense, the card or limit will make the ransom.

Instead, use the money you are not paying debt to build a cash reserve for emergency, this is healthier. With this simple action you will “keep out of debt” when something unexpected happens.

Living without loan and credit can be risky, but having an emergency fund that can save you is better. Start with 10% of income or salary, then increase to 3-6 months or more of expenses.

8. Earn interest instead of pay it

8. Earn interest instead of pay it

The problem with debt or credit is that you waste lots of money paying interest. He erodes his finances. Instead, make your money work for you by investing it.

With the magic of compound interest, your investments will grow over time, which means that the money you would be paying in exchange for interest is now earning interest and multiplying. That’s good math.

9. Find an alternative source of income

9. Find an alternative source of income

As you try to keep your expenses as low as possible, think of alternative ways to make more money each month:

  • Consider a secondary business in your area of ​​expertise or any other area
  • You can do part-time work during off hours and make more money
  • Explore various ways to make money online, such as essay writing, tutoring, freelance and blogging

Do not forget that it may be that you have to reduce your social activities to manage two jobs, but you will have more money to spend. However, while looking for a part-time job, make sure that the new venture does not affect your performance in your current job.

10. Be careful and disciplined.

10. Be careful and disciplined.

Controlling your spending and saving money requires more than a desire or will – it requires action!

You must commit and be determined to make your personal finances work. Be dedicated because you may have to review all these strategies above for several months before you realize actual results.

Do not give up on the plan and never go back to your old habits of consumption just because you missed the mark in the first few months. Give yourself enough time to learn new consumer habits.

Remember that learning takes time, but ultimately financial discipline will be part of your everyday life. You can live a ” debt-free life tomorrow” and, much better than today’s salary, implant the tips described above.

Have discipline, patience and dedication, these three factors are necessary for you to make significant changes in your finances. Understand that the step you take in the right direction will get you closer to reaching your financial goals.

I Want a Personal Loan – Where Should I Look to Get it?

You want a loan.. then set the desired amount, the number of installments, the best date for payment and finally select the interest rate..

” I want a personal loan where should I look? When it comes to personal loans, there are wide variety of lenders and online companies to choose from, willing to grant the necessary money quickly and even without bureaucracy. “

What is your request? I want a personal loan fast and easy. OK! However, for you to have more options we suggest you have:

  • Salary compatible or proven income
  • A good relationship with the creditor institution
  • A good to excellent score
  • Unsecured credit history or restrictions
  • A balanced vs. acceptable income-to-income ratio

Of course all the rules above are flexible and can change at any time. You’ve decided to apply for an online loan, of course, and you already know how to do this, and you also know that you can still apply by phone or go to lenders and lenders of all kinds – including banks and credit shops.

Online lenders and lenders

Online lenders and lenders

When you say, ” I want a loan, ” you can be sure that there are dozens of lenders offering online processes and systems to solicit your application, all in a simple way.

The agility of the application so that you can easily borrow the money you need without having to wait days to receive the money, is the hallmark of online loans – they are easy to do and quick to receive.

If you pass the analysis, the amount is deposited into your bank account immediately or on the next business day.


Loan and credit companies that operate on the web, use and abuse technology, are increasingly specialized in online services. Many of these institutions have criteria and conditions to borrow much more flexible than the loans made at banks.

In fact, many of them are willing to lend money to potential borrowers who have restrictions on CPF, low score or no credit at all.

Bank correspondents and comparison sites

Bank correspondents and comparison sites

Many of these lenders, websites and platforms with applications to make loan online by mobile phone, you find direct on the internet, are banking correspondents that operate (Fintechs and Techfins). Their work is up front with you with one more financial institution that meets your needs – we do it.

– We send you to the partner registration page to fill out the form and initiate the request.

If you are eligible in the prerequisites, after evaluating your personal information and credit profile, if the lender decides that you deserve the type of loan you are applying for, the amount of money you have applied for is approved.

Everything is done through the cell phone, laptop or desktop computer, it is usually done by the online website or application. We know that speed is a key factor for anyone who wants money urgently, whether because of an emergency or something like that.

It is worth mentioning that these services we are mentioning are practically all automated, you will only talk to someone if you have to adjust some pending information or documentation.

You can only get approval the same day you sign up until 2:00 p.m., until 3 p.m.

[Brief comparator of lenders here]

Private banks and credit unions

Private banks and credit unions

Maybe when you read or hear about cooperatives does not sound familiar, however, in many more developed countries, this way of getting money is much more effective and cheap.

Within the country and rural regions of Brazil, cooperatives are more common than in urban areas, the proximity of these institutions to the population makes all the difference.

In any case, it is inevitable that people will soon begin to consider tightening up relating to these lending institutions to open a checking account or savings account, use the offered banking services, and take out personal loans to raise money.

As for the banks I will not be explaining what they are, surely you should already know. On the other hand, you should understand that banks, finance and credit unions are the most traditional types of lenders to date.

Although cooperatives do not get as quick to approve when online lenders, and have stricter approval requirements than other lending companies, they are still good solutions to take credit of any kind.

The approval process is faster when you are a customer and have an existing account at the institution. In credit cooperatives, the tendency is to apply lending criteria more flexibly than private banks.

Typically, traditional banks are less likely to approve dirty-name borrowers, who are negatively constrained in Serasa, SPC, SCPC.

Platforms of creditors Peer-to-peer

Platforms of creditors Peer-to-peer

In Brazil this means of getting money is relatively new, unlike Portugal, Europe and Oceania, and especially the English-speaking countries. In the financial market, the lenders who operate the Peer-to-peer, are marketplaces that serve to unite investors and borrowers in search of money.

They facilitate the lending process between people. Instead of offering personal loans with the very resources or resources of a private or financial bank, whoever is a part of the platform and wants to lend your money – it is possible.

The process of obtaining Peer-to-peer is very similar to the process of obtaining an online personal loan through a internet lender. It’s also a completely digital experience, 100%. The time of approval and release of money is longer, due to the phases of any concern.

Getting a Personal Loan in a Bank

Getting a Personal Loan in a Bank

Getting a personal loan at a traditional bank may be the most traditional choice possible, but it is not always the best option. Check the list with the list of bank numbers and codes here, if need be.

If your bank has credit offers at your disposal, it may not be a bad idea to look at these options – they are sometimes provided with special discounts, lower rates and still comes with pre-approval and automatic request in various media, including in the boxes electronics.

However, personal bank loans generally have stiffer approval criteria, have a longer repayment term and sometimes at the end are more expensive than other alternative options or in other competing banks.

Banks have the reputation of being safer and more reliable but this is not always the best – the customer service of some banks are sometimes actually worse than online lenders.

What Makes a Personal Loan More Competitive?

There are several features that we can cite as important that you should consider when comparing some form of loans.

To find the best loan company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I qualify for what type of loan? Do not waste time researching a type of loan that you do not meet the approval criteria.
  • Can I borrow the amount I need? Will you be able to pick up the exact amount or more than you need and pay back in a time frame that is reasonable? Who defines the payment time is the modality of the loan requested.
  • Do you have competitive interest rates? Note which rate has been approved for you, but also consider whether it is fixed or variable – variable interest rates are subject to change.
  • What fees are charged? Most lending companies and lenders do not charge fees for request or commission fee. They charge only the fees and taxes legally required.
  • How long will I have to pay back? Hiring a personal loan with short term can affect finances, hire for a long time, will get very expensive in the end. Choose a deadline that the installments are as suitable as possible to your budget.
  • Can I use the money however I want? You can use the money of a personal loan for almost any purpose, but some types of loans do not allow ex: construction loan.
  • Am I going to need to give some assurance? Only in secured personal loans is required that you put something you own as collateral, eg a car, an urban or rural property.
  • Is it safe and reliable to apply? If you have an online application, make sure your Internet connection is private and secure. Read the lender’s privacy policy to learn how it shares your personal information. Always try to hire with known institutions.

Other factors on loan of your interest

Everything should be noted when applying for a loan, the interest rate is not the only thing that has to take into account or that makes a loan competitive. Compare these other features listed below:

  • Amount released. Different lenders offer different loans. You have access to secured and unsecured loan with floating interest. As for the amounts, usually is granted from $ 300 to $ 50,000, may be more if your income allows.
  • Term of the loan. The term is a serious case, in personal loan without consultation, the term usually is up to 12 months. However, you find personal loans consigned with low interest with up to 8 years to pay.
  • Processing time. If you need a fast loan, this aspect requires special attention. Certain online lenders can give access to financial resources in 1 hour, the same day, 24 hours or the next business day. But it has modalities that the process lasts of 2 to 10 days, being able to arrive at 30 working days.

I want personal loan with lower interest rates, with you?

Banks and financiers seek to meet some essential requirements before giving the borrower the best interest rates they have, among the requirements we include:

  1. Have high credit scores. Having a good or excellent personal credit score is one of the most important factors in getting a low interest rate. Many approvals are based only on the score, rating and credit score – except the payroll.
  2. Have credit report without restrictions. Your credit score should reflect your credit history and report in the right measure. Banks and financiers love customers that are far from delinquent, so they get the best interest rates.
  3. Demonstrate high income. Most lenders and personal loan lenders require a minimum income to qualify a claimant, but if you have a higher income than required, you may have access to a much better rate.
  4. Relationship vs. Debt income. Sometimes having a high income is not enough, especially when measuring the ratio of monthly payments to debt to income received monthly. To release a loan in any situation, the commitment should not exceed a maximum of 4o%, and the smaller the better.

Tip : Always make a comparison between 2 or 5 lenders to find one that is truly worth it.

Today, on the web, we find various advertisements titled ” best personal loan online”, “best company for your loan” etc., it is obvious that there are low interest loans and punitive interest rates that lead the borrower to never leave the debts