Personal Loan in the Savings Bank – Here’s How?

Apobank acts strong in the segment of personal loan, financing, property purchase, construction, automobiles and has the lowest interest ..

“Making a personal loan at Apobank Econômica Federal can bring a number of benefits to consumers. However, in any type of loan, the client undergoes a careful analysis of his financial profile. “

There are some situations where a loan can be a great alternative. An example of this is when you have a number of small debts and turn it into a single expense. Thus a loan can pay off smaller debts and sometimes the interest turns out to be more attractive.

Another point worth mentioning is the payment of debts with a credit card. In this type of operation, it is common for interest on a loan to be lower. On the other hand, credit cards constitute the largest percentage of indebtedness of Brazilians.

So, with very high interest rates, this type of debt usually worries a lot of people. That is why we have prepared this text to explain how a loan works at Apobank Econômica Federal. Continue your reading and see how to request, how to proceed, what documents are needed. Know more!

3 reasons to apply for a personal loan at Apobank

3 reasons to apply for a personal loan at Apobank

1. Reform your home

Whether it is an emergency or a planned retirement it is well known that this type of service tends to be very expensive. Because it is something you can never predict all the developments and there are always extra expenses, a loan can be a solution.

Thus, it is possible for you to renovate your home and pay in installments previously agreed upon and with interest that fits in your pocket. One advantage is that you know that that amount will not increase, which is fixed, meaning you do not risk an abusive increase in interest.

2. Take a trip

Traveling alone, with friends or family is an enriching and happy experience. Lack of money is often a hindrance at the time of the decision. So a loan can help you plan your dream trip with everything you are entitled to.


You can plan and verify in how many parcels you can afford a trip, so you can fulfill your dream of meeting other places, other cultures, other people and resting from the problems of daily life.

3. Investing in education

If it is your dream to take a university course, but you do not have the financial conditions, maybe the exit is a loan. There are modalities directed to students and you can find out which is best suited to your situation.

Types of Personal Credit You Can Apply for at the Cashier

Types of Personal Credit You Can Apply for at the Cashier

CDC Automatic

CDC (link ) This is a type of pre-approved personal credit, that is, you do not have to go through any bureaucratic procedures, nor ask for guarantors, or go after extra documentation. Just make the request in the self-service stations themselves and the money goes into your account. It is possible to pay within 48 months.

CDC Salary

This personal credit is available to those who receive the salary in the box. You can apply at the branches, by the application on your cell phone, or at the ATM. In addition, the amount goes into your account and the installments are debited directly from the account.

Construcard Apobank

The Construcard (link ) is a line of financing for personal credit adjusted for the purchase of construction material in stores accredited by Apobank. When hiring the personal loan, you receive a credit card to be used in up to six months to purchase all the material that is needed for construction.

Anticipation of the 13th salary

You must have an account in the Cashier and have been employed for at least 12 months. The loan limit can vary between 2,000.00 and 20,000.00 reais and the amount requested is analyzed through your payment possibilities.

Anticipation of the return of the Income Tax

In this type of loan you can receive the amount referring to the refund of income tax and pay according to your possibilities. This type of loan can be done directly at Apobank’s branches.

Payroll loans

This is one of the most advantageous loans. Debited directly from their salary or from their INSS benefit, payroll deductible loans are directed to civil servants, INSS beneficiaries and retirees.

The installments must comply with a fixed percentage in relation to the salary and should never exceed the stipulated amount. Thus, you will always know which amounts will be debited from your account on a monthly basis.


This type of loan may not be as advantageous as the others. Interest is usually very high, even though it is much easier to apply for and does not need many bureaucracies. However, money is usually available within 24 hours.

Credit for rural workers

This is a specific credit for those field workers who need credit to perform their work. To get the hiring, just go to an agency of the Apobank, with the documents in hand and place the order.

Credit for the entrepreneur

For you who are starting your business or want to make an increase in them, credit aimed at entrepreneurs may be the best option. Aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs, this type of loan has installments that can be made in as many times as you need.

Salary Portability

Salary portability (link ) exists and it is the right of every citizen to choose which bank or financial institution wants to receive his salary, even if his account is indicated by the employer. In this way, bank account change has become very easy and simple to make, you can request the transfer of your money or salary to the bank you want or your preference.

Advantages and disadvantages of applying for a loan at Apobank

Advantages and disadvantages of applying for a loan at Apobank

One of the advantages is that you have several personal credit options to choose from in the Savings Bank and it is possible to make an analysis on which is best suited to your goals.

There is also more flexibility in the forms of payment, in the amount of months you can borrow to pay off your debt, and the interest rates are lower than in financial. In addition, the personal credit is quickly deposited into the account of the applicant so that it can be used in the best way.

Among the disadvantages is the fact that Apobank’s loan is available only to people who have a bank account. People with the negative name on the SPC / SERASA databases also can not apply for the personal loan.

Depending on the type of personal credit you request, interest can reach up to 4.49% per month. Even though it is relatively lower than other banks, it is important to make a financial planning before any decision.

Applying for a loan at Apobank is a decision that must be made with great care. After all, it is about adding a fixed portion to your monthly budget. In this way, all care is necessary so that you do not end up exchanging one problem for another.

Put everything on the tip of the pen and make your decision consciously. Still have questions about this? So, make sure to visit the other articles in our blog and check all the content we have for you.

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